I was looking for a new place to sell my items on, some place that is cheaper to sell than eBay. I don't do anything without doing research however and I have been selling as a regular individual for ( a VERY long time ) over 18 years now. with a 100% positive rate and selling well over 4000 items. In these years of selling every scam in the book has been tried on me and I am aware of so many I feel I can honestly say I think I know all of them, I have even thought of some that no one has ever tried on me, i can see the flaws, I can feel the scam attempt about to happen and I can prevent it, as a buyer and as a seller.

I have mentioned this because I wanted you , the reader , to know what I believe I have discovered. THIS site Bonanza has a flaw. I have read through many posts from buyers and sellers both on the site, i have read the good and the bad posts. it appears to me that the scammers on this site are quite possibly the site it self. I realize how that sounds but let me put it this way to allow you to see it plainly. Imagine, if a site that has very little fees charged allowed people to sell on their site and they also had the ability to divert funds. for instance. I post a great item, you buy it, you pay for it with pay pal. I am never informed you bought it, the money never showed up in my account because you actually paid someone with an account on pay pal you were never told you didn't pay my pay pal account. You get very irritated and want your money back or your item, You and I are cut off from communicating at all and when you try to contact the site you are given generic answers and I am used as the scape goat in the theft of your dough. when the actual thief still has your money and hundreds if not thousands of other peoples just like you.

Are you seeing what might be happening ? all while other sales that do go through to make it all seem way legit. The Fleecing of a few to line the pockets. Ya Think?

here is how I have come to this conclusion, many sellers complain they have sold an item and the buyer is now GONE and never paid. Many Buyers have complained that they bought something and the seller is not available any longer but they paid and the money is missing from their account. None of these people have posted successful pay pal refunds, some of the funds that were missing were over 250.00 any purchase of an item paid for through pay pal that is over 250.00 is required to have shipping confirmation and a signature when the item has arrived, if it does not The Buyer can request a refund and all they have to say is they never got the item. UNLESS the buyers payment was routed through pay pal as a GIFT Or a payment made as Money owed but not a purchase. then the money cannot be returned. if the person who paid was not aware of the way the payment was routed they would never get their money back.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Boise, Idaho

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I completely agree, I haven't used Bananza, but came to the same conclusion after reading through the reviews. My advice to buyers: FIND THE ACTUAL COMPANY! Even ask the real company for the same deal on Bananza, I'm sure they'd be completely fine with that considering it probably saves them money!


Totally make sense. I was thinking about selling on bonanza but Never Mind!

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