I purchased three items from the Bonanza store of "bythepowerof3" on August 2, 2013. On August 16th I received what I thought was a partial shipment, and when I informed the seller of this, they became irate and belligerent. They then informed me that the third item was contained in a second item in the same shipment, I just overlooked it because the "charm" was smaller than the size of a dime.

Additionally, I purchased a "Rare and Mighty Queen Copper Dragon" but what I got was a tiny nub of marble, not even 5mm in diameter by about 1/4" long.

After a couple of nasty and hostile messages from the seller, they refunded my money and said, "Obviously our wares are not for you". Now, today the 18th of August, I received the following message:

"The queen was the one that found you vial and distasteful since you do not recognize power only the size of the amulet she chose. She has been removed. She is glad to not have to stay with you. All spells sent reversed. your karma is your own!"

So basically they are taking an active role in waging psychic warfare against me, just for bringing up a legitimate issue!

So basically, people, beware of this schlocky outfit. If this is the way they treat their customers, then hopefully they won't be in business long. We can hope.


Monetary Loss: $48.

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WARES... Really.

Those words are NEVER EVER something she would say. You bought from someone else because that is not how she addresses people AT ALL and I have bought from them over 10 years.


Bythepowerof3 and her sister mom25705 are bad news. They copied a listing from Cathy Austen Spirits4u2 exactly and had it on their website. They are rude and sell cheap fake ***.

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