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By the a phone number for Bnanza. If you need it try it:

(206) 588-5849

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Okay...thought I found an excellent site to sell on. Offered what we wanted, a bit pricey at times, but good alternative to ebay. After 6 months of selling and hundreds of transactions, without a complaint, our booth was suddenly closed without warning.

Reason: "Fraudulant or Fake Items"...note we sell replica products and there were at least a dozen others and more selling the same exact products on Bonanza as we were. Unfortunately, one of these jealous sellers thought we were taking away from their business, so they decided to report us. Granted, we did outsell everyone only because of market research and keeping up with competetive pricing.

As for Bonanza, they are a joke...a big joke. I responded to their heehaw email with at least 12 or more additional booths selling the same product as we were. If you are going to close my booth, then close all the booths selling these products as well. If anyone who has been bamboozled by these jokers would like to form a class action lawsuit for unfair business practices, I will gladly join in!

Also, "top rated seller" means that the seller has a PAID plan and it is "assumed" because they are on ebay or amazon. If you want to extort your monthly fees out won't Bonanza! Ridiculous and unheard of! Ebay is bad, Amazon litterally sucks now you are right in the mix with them.

Thanks for your unfair treatment, you liked collecting all those fees though, didn't you? Fraud Fraud Fraud!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bonanza Marketplace.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Bonanza Cons: Support or customer service, Unreliable, Money laundering, Seller support, Business practices.

  • Bonanza Service Nightmare
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Just spent 33 hours in THREE DAYS sitting in a chair listed about 65-66 items on Bonanza. Came and logged in today (One week later) and THEY ARE ALL GONE BUT TWO!!!

(???) Really? No email?

did I do something wrong? Who is going to compensate me for my time here??

sellers BEWARE!!


I had a similar thing happen to me, selling on eBay for over a year with over 600 positive feedback, they closed my store, reason being that my item "might be fraudulent". Meanwhile other sellers selling the same thing, just at higher prices.

They are terrible and their support will never help you, keep away. Don't give these people your money.


The thing is, a class action lawsuit will not do you any good if you're selling counterfeit or as you call it, "replica" items, you're already selling something that is against the rules and is illegal to say the least.

Ebay doesn't care as you can search for "compatible" or "replica" items in their search and bring back hundreds, if not thousands of items that are counterfeit being sold as I said, "compatible" or "replica" items of said item.

I see this with Lego's, clothing, shows, bags, sunglasses, anything that can be imported from China.

I would suggest that if you wanted to sell that same item, fill out a wholesale application with the real company and play ball fair. Sorry, can't feel sorry for you if you break the rules and being a child in a playground, "he is doing it, why can't I" doesn't hold up in court.

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