Lenora_Chance & Moonstar7spirits is the same scam bag seller. She is Rhonda Goodwin! She claims to be a powerful Wizard, but only power she has is scamming people from her so-called spirited items. I had bought from her from Ebay in the past when I was still a newbie in spirited items, but all I got was empty junks!

If you are powerful like you claim to be, then why all you sell to people are just piece of junks? Empty? No power into it whatsoever!

Stop scamming people!

Don´t fall more of her games. The only magic you´ll get is your hard earned money into her pockets!

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Stockholm, Stockholm

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Rhonda is a total fraud. In reality she/it or whatever is a transsexual with a broken down laptop who conducts the practicing of ripping people off from a white trash trailer park


Although this original post was some time ago, it could still have a damaging effect on her reputation. It is easy to blame sellers when things do not work for you but that is the easy option.

Some people do not have realistic expectations or do not apply themselves correctly to ensure the magick works. An hypnotist can only hypnotise someone who is willing to be hypnotised. Certain conditions are therefore required for them to work. It is the same for this.

If you do not have faith and believe in the item or the service that you are buying from a seller, it is likely not to work. All i know is that Lenora Chance is the ONLY seller that offers a refund for the spells that she casts. That doesn't sound like someone who is out to scam does it? My experience of Lenora has been first class and i have no doubts that she is a genuine practitioner of the highest order.

I have no association with Lenora apart from making several purchases from her.

I just didn't appreciate the words that were used to describe such a kind and caring person and therefore i feel the need to comment. Thank you KC


? This is no secret.

Lenora Chance and Rhonda are members of the same coven. No hiding behind anything. Please do your homework, or better yet just ask either of these sellers what their relationship is. I am sure they will be happy to provide you with answers.

Stop the spread of this senseless negativity.


Rhonda Goodwin is a scambag, I totally agree with you. I fell for her too years back when Ebay was still full of metaphysical items.

All these scam bags like *** Hollows, they always hide behind different names!

Lenora Chance - suits more like Fate Manure! :grin

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