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Complaint of The Grand Gallery, San Diego, CA

against (based in Seattle, WA):



Here is a list of ERRORS has continually MADE:

(1) You have continually duplicated my listings--when I have only one item in inventory! When I delete the duplicate listing, you bring it back into current listings.

(2) When you duplicate my listings, one listing has one price--the other has another price--even though they represent the same ONE ITEM!

(3) I have to keep deleting items and correcting prices!

(4) You have changed my prices to odd figures.

For example, when I have asked an even dollar figure (e.g. $18.00) you change it to $18.03 WHY are you doing this?!!!

Oddball prices and duplicate listings of the same item showing different prices are errors which lead potential buyers to believe there is something wrong with the listings, suspicious or that I do not know how to value price different categories of items!

(5) Your Customer Service is a joke! It takes Help several days to reply to my e-mailed Complaints.

You do not have live customer service and do not even have any customer-

service telephone number! Apparently, you do not want to hire such services!

(6) I have read today countless online Complaints against from consumers (buyers)

and from your sellers, current and former!

I have retained a copy of this 4-11-2021 e-mail Complaint for my permanent records!

I have de-linked my Bonanza Account from Google, etc.

Please reply to me at vivaldivenice@***.com to confirm my Account is now formally officially closed.

Most Sincerely,

Dissatisfied and Disgusted Customer:

Director of The Grand Gallery, San Diego, CA.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bonanza Advertisement.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: $5K in compensatory damages for Bonanza having disrupted my online sales business through numerous longstanding errors it has made in my merchandise listings..

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Hi, So sorry for the trouble you've experienced using our eBay importer tool. I can assure you that the issues mentioned above are not errors, but instead settings that are chosen on your end at the time the initial import was started.

For example: (a) You chose the option that reads "Discount prices by 2%", which explains why your eBay listings and Bonanza listings do not match. This box is optional and can be unchecked at any time. This setting directly explains item (2) and (4) in your complaint. (b) You've also selected the option to sync your Bonanza and eBay account.

That means Bonanza will automatically import any and all listings that exist on eBay but do not exist on Bonanza. If you delete an item on Bonanza (as you mentioned you did above), that item would no longer exist on Bonanza and thus be reimported on the next import. If you are also manually creating the same listing, that would cause duplicate listings; one that was imported from eBay as your settings dictate and one that is manually created by you. This directly explains item (1) and (3) in your complaint.

Your importer settings are always accessible and can always be changed to suit your needs. I do see that since leaving this review you've been in contact with our support team and they've helped explained the importer in further detail.

It sounds like you've chosen to continue using Bonanza, which is great to hear. If you need help with anything else on Bonanza, please do not hesitate to email our support team again at


4-24-2021 REPLY TO: "Help" Staff FROM: The Director of The Grand Gallery, San Diego, CA. In reply to your 4-22-2021 online Reply to The Grand Gallery's online Complaint against Your Importer Tool is deeply flawed.

It initially imports listings from eBay but then whenever I wanted to make any changes to eBay items, your Importer does not work (does not update price, details, pictures, shipping). And you expect me to waste my time manually correcting every change on listings when, in fact, your Importer fails to make the necessary amendments to the listings?!!! Your previous e-mail listed the many many manual steps I would have to take to completely update-transfer all changes from eBay listings to Bonanza seller booth listings. Your Importer should be doing the changes!

That is its function--and it fails to perform updating functions. Also, I never discounted prices by 2 percent! What person or company on the planet discounts 2 percent when they want to lower the price to attract more customers?!!! Discounts online or in brick and mortar stores start at 10 percent.

So your Bonanza Help Team explanation is ridiculous! So please don't blame the errors, flaws and limitations of your website and its Importer Tool on your sellers! I never manually listed an item twice in my shop when I had only one of such an item in the inventory! Why would I do a foolish thing like that?

It was your system that kept duplicating my listings--and when I went into my booth to manually delete the duplicative listing, kept making the duplicate listing re-appear again, over and over again! This went on for months! Don't you see why you have so many complaints, like mine, from many other current and former sellers? You blame your sellers for your poorly structured and poorly run website.

Wake up and smell the coffee! You have lost countless sellers over the years and you will continue to lose more sellers until you reform your website. You have certainly lost me as a seller. Your assumption that I will remain with Bonanza is also WRONG.

I closed my seller booth and deleted my account--and recently received your e-mail confirming my account is closed--after a great deal of lost sales, aggravation and frustration has caused me. I see on the internet that has one of the lowest ratings of any online selling platform--and I perfectly understand why after having been a seller on for about three years, having sold only 15 items. That is on the average only three sales per year! Pathetic!

And yet you wanted me to stay with you?!!! Your representation of seller items in Google search is woefully limited and deficient--and yet you continually entice sellers to upgrade their seller plan to pay an exorbitant amount of money monthly for your purportedly giving their items for sale more internet exposure. Your promises are hollow.

I have no intention to ever return to your website as a seller. Most Sincerely, Director of The Grand Gallery, San Diego, CA.

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