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  • From mobile
  • 1 day ago
  • #941811

I ordered a framed animation cell that ended up in the USPS mail recovery center in Washington. Bonanza isn't helping me get a refund and, while the seller promised a refund, I think he is waiting for the item's return before giving me my money back. In short, I'm in limbo and will report probably this company and the seller for fraud.

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I am a very dissatisfied customer. Sept 26th I ordered the Baccarat Rouge 540. A 5ml for $30. It arrived in a 5ml bottle with a lil fake label taped to a plain spray bottle. I want EVERYONE to know about this FAKE perfume. It smells nothing like the real thing and I hope the seller ROTS IN *** for ripping me off. YES I DID COMPLAIN AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO!

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On August 5, I purchased a Samsung tablet from CustomTrendz, a seller on Bpnanza. From the beginning, I smelled a scam, as a shipping notice with a tracking number showed nothing was shipped. Contacted seller. All kinds of excuses from illness, will ship in 10 days, bla bla. 3 weeks pass, no shipment info. Seller finally contacted me and said he couldn't supply the item to me and another buyer, and requested that I file a claim. Why is he... Read more

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I ordered two concert shirts on August 18, 2016. It's September 20, 2016 and I have NO SHIRTS! I've corresponded SEVERAL times with one of your consumer representatives with no results. Also tried twice to contact the actual seller, no response. I think this company is just a scam. I looked online again for these same shirts and this company comes up again and again offering these shirts so if you actually HAVE them, where are the two I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 11
  • #916932

U I f l grill cover did not receive

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 09
  • #915633

Never received u of l grill cover

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 06
  • #913719

Horrible, I haven't yet got my order that I ordered in June! I've called and left multiple voicemails and I e got nothing. $90 later. I will never order anything else from here!

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 25
  • #906999

Worst customer service I have ever dealt with and super unprofessional it's been like a month since I ordered my item and it still hasn't come and I haven't heard anything about it honestly it's just ridiculous. Tried contacting the seller and nothing. I'm just really fed up honestly

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This is wrose customer service and company ever... how can you shut down my account for no matter *** reason , I am selling on Amazon for more than 1 year now and making alot of sales , and you just come company a act all strick and up right. I *** u guys on your plat form ... just remember this will be all over social media and have huge network in the e commerce space ... I did everything right even enter my credit card and this *** company... Read more

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I ordered an $18 item through Bonanza. My card was charged but no merchandise was ever received. I received a confirmation e-mail but never got a tracking number. After 2 weeks the I sent an e-mail and called the seller, no response. I then contacted Bonanza and after 3 days of e-mails going back and forth they basically told me to go dispute this on my own. Some customer service! I use their site to purchase an item from their listed... Read more

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